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How to Configure kiosk on Ubuntu 14.04 and Chrome

Prerequisites Step 1: Install Ubuntu Server with LTE Step 2:…

How to Install locate in Linux

Locate is very useful command to find the location of file/folder…

How to Add Date & Time with History in Linux

Introduction The command history allows the use of words from…

How to Install, Delete, Update packages in RedHat/Fedora/CentOS

Introduction RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) is an open source…

How to Create Alias in Linux

The alias command can be used if you want to create a 'shortcut'…

Fatal error YUM: Thread died in Berkeley DB library

I got an error while upgrading my CentOS server # yum update rpmdb:…

How Do Hackers Compromise Your Wordpress Website?

It is important to understand how hackers gain entry into a Word…

Redirect Error Output To File in Linux

In Bash shell or other advance shell there are three file descriptors…
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