Raspberry Pi 4 Packs Power

The next big thing about Raspberry Pi is here, where there is much more computer power and more.The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced on Monday that there is a Raspberry Pi 4, an all-encompassing innovation that touches almost all elements of the computer platform.Raspberry Pi 4 offers users a choice of three storage capacities. The entry-level 1 GB RAM retains the US $ 35 signature; 2 GB costs $ 45; 4 GB sells for $ 55. Prices exclude sales tax, import duty (if applicable) and shipping.All three options were launched on Monday. The foundation built more 2 GB variants than others and adjusts the mix over time to meet the demands.The upgrade for version 4 gives PC-like performance for the first time while retaining the Raspberry Pi class interface and hacking, according to Eben Upton, founder and CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading.

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