How to create IPMP in Solaris 11


This article is aimed to give a walk through of how to create a Ldom in SUN/SPARC M6-32 machines. It provides a complete step to step procedure from scratch to the end.


Following steps should be taken care of before creating a Logical Domain.

# ipadm
NAME              CLASS/TYPE STATE        UNDER      ADDR
lo0               loopback   ok           --         --
   lo0/v4         static     ok           --
   lo0/v6         static     ok           --         ::1/128
net0              ip         ok           --         --
   net0/v4        static     ok           --
# ipadm delete-ip net0
# ipadm delete-ip net1
# ipadm create-ip net0
# ipadm create-ip net1
# ipadm create-ipmp ipmp0
# ipadm add-ipmp -i net0 -i net1 ipmp0
# ipadm create-addr -T static -a ipmp0/v4