How to reset Windows Server Password

In order to reset Running Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 password you need to follow below mentioned necessary steps:

  • Insert Windows Server USB/ISO/DVD to server
  • DC1 : Reset Administrator’s password
  • You forgot password and logon fail
  • Boot to DVD – Next – Repair your computer – Troubleshoot – Command Prompt, type :
    • X:\Sources D: # Maybe C:
    • D:\Dir # Check folders
    • D:\cd Windows
    • D:\Windows\cd System32
    • D:\Windows\System32\ ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.old
    • D:\Windows\System32\ copy cmd.exe utilman.exe
    • D:\Windows\System32\ Shutdown -r -t 0 # Restart
    • Click ‘Ease of access’
    • C:\Windows\System32\ net user Administrator abc@123 # Set new password is abc@123
    • Logon using new password === OK
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