Linux Kernel 4.0 Features

Install Kernel Updates Without Rebooting

If you’ve ever been put out by the need to reboot your Linux box to finish installing a kernel update you won’t be alone. It’s a minor inconvenience on the desktop, and a major one for servers.
Although it is considered a small release the latest Linux kernel manages to squeeze in a welcome set of hardware improvements, new drivers and performance tweaks. These include:

  • 1) Improvements to Intel ‘Skylake’ platform
  • 2) Intel Quark SoC support
  • 3) Various patches to improve Linux running on a Playstation 3
  • 4) TOpen-source AMD Radeon driver supports DisplayPort Audio
  • 5) Various misc HID driver tweaks, including Lenovo compact keyboards, Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
  • 6) Toshiba power settings driver adds USB sleep/charge functionality, rapid charge, sleep w/ music, etc
  • 7) File System tweaks, including F2FS, BtrfFS, etc
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