Open Source & Free is in our DNA

Open source software (OSS) is computer software with source available with a license where the holder of the copyright provides the right to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose code. Open source software can be developed collaboratively public. Open source software is the most prominent example of open source development.

What follows is technically an info-graphic, and it is a graphic, and there is some information about it.

Although it was developed by people working in a company (in this case, SUSE), you will not find any statistical product here. No details on the shape of the product X is N times faster than the product and no demographic breakdown of who uses this platform or that.

What you will find is a list of the moments of human history caused, in part, through burning desire of humanity to free information. From the cave to drawings UNIVAC A-2 (and beyond), the same thing that forces us to make Linux (and many other projects) free and open source is present in many of the great achievements of humanity .

This list is by no means complete. Only so many examples could fit in here and still make it look elegant. Consider this as a starting point to contemplate the deep and profound impact our need to be open (and open source) has had on the world. It is part of us. It always has been.

It’s in our DNA.

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