Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Updates

One of the most interesting features that are going to land for GNOME are fwupd called, and it should be also in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Discussions on fwupd and all the benefits that could bring, they have been around for some time. This new method is the result of collaboration between GNOME and Dell developers. In theory, if successful, to get enough attention from the community and suppliers.

The current situation is not really for Linux users. Most hardware companies offer firmware updates that only installed if you have to be a Windows operating system. This can be a real problem when you want to update the firmware for the motherboard, but this is just one example. fwupd should so well in Ubuntu For now, the new tool is still in development, and it is also dependent on the Linux vendor firmware service, which is an online resource where hardware manufacturers can load the new firmware. fwupd is not magic, it still needs to an online repository connection to download and install the new firmware, the. in this case Linux vendor firmware service or LVFS Asked a user to the Ubuntu mailing list, and it looks like fwupd should work in Ubuntu after fwupd and GNOME software packages Country.

In addition, they should work by default, without any further intervention. There is also a blueprint for this new feature, but it has not just been approved. “Ubuntu should support updating the firmware for systems and components (but not peripherals) via EFI UpdateCapsule so that users from Windows or DOS required to apply the BIOS / firmware update component, and light as such updates for all Ubuntu users are accessible. ” The only problem is that the blueprint has existed since July 2015 have been, and there is not yet any kind of authorization to see, even though it might only of lack of support. GNOME software has not yet landed on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.

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